Bosch Rexroth AG

Wireframing, UX Design, Website

November 2019

Automation, Industry 4.0

Our mission

We're taking part in breaking into the new world of automation! As part of the ctrlx AUTOMATION campaign, we should create a microsite as content hub for the new product line - including USPs, detailed product information, expert interviews, service offerings, video content, and configurator integration. All these threads should be linked to a courageous and technically groundbreaking online presence.

The details

  • Wireframing & elaborate content conception with focus on expertise and concise product presentation.
  • UI & Design: Combining specifications of the Bosch Rexroth style guide with dynamic elements that demonstrate innovation and technical advance.
  • Implementation using modern front-end technology based on Vue.js: Creation of a static page (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) that works completely without server-side programming on the customer server - and therefore 100% secure and superfast.
  • We made the impossible possible: Although it's a static page, our clients have a CMS in which they can edit all content independently.

The result

Working closely with the client, we designed the best ways to represent the revolutionary product line. A clear information architecture and the targeted navigation, peppered with dynamic transitions, guides the user effortlessly through the extensive product information. With a strong hero message, the ctrlx AUTOMATION microsite is now spreading the spirit of the new era of industry 4.0. The revolution in the automation world is becoming noticeable thanks to its technically-skilled implementation.