Die Schittigs
Digitales Leben

Yippee! Die Schittigs have a blog again.

We are a digital agency. Digital is our work, but of course it's also our way of life. One thing in particular fascinates us about it: there is no standstill, development always continues, sometimes at breakneck speed and often in unexpected directions.

We as a team are also constantly working on new solutions. We exchange ideas and give each other impulses. To think further and to think anew. We try things out and rethink. We come into contact with new ideas and old topics that touch us and move us forward.

Not infrequently, the short chat in the office kitchen finds its way into a profound conversation. We get the most diverse food for thought and we want to pass some of them on here.

It's been a long time since we explained terminology from the digital world in our first blog ‘Fachjargon’. A lot has happened in the world and to us since then. We try to stay true to ourselves and still discover new things every day.

We write it down

We fill this blog with content and life. We write about digitization in big and small ways. We take a close look at work ethics and position ourselves on artificial intelligence (AI). We show you our favorite keyboards, homemade tech gadgets or how we organize our workstations. We take you into the world of code and the everyday life of our programmers.

Come along and let us surprise you! It's guaranteed to be unexpected.