Martin Schittig
Digitales Leben

Startup Vibes & Digital Dreams

Over the past 13 years, there's been a lot of movement at the Schittigs. What began as an ambitious two-person project in a cozy home office has evolved into a dynamic company with 10 employees, now embarking on a new chapter. Our path has taken us from an old building office in downtown Aschaffenburg to our new spaces overlooking the Main, signaling our readiness for whatever the future holds.

Our journey started as a full-service marketing agency, offering everything from logo design and print products to purely online services. However, over time, our focus shifted increasingly towards what truly makes our hearts beat faster: digital products. Web applications, native apps, digital strategies, and classic corporate websites – all of these now constitute our core business. But that's not all: we are increasingly developing our own products that bring joy to us and others, and of which we are immensely proud.

A New Claim for a Clear Vision

This evolution prompted us to adjust our claim to "Agency for Digital Products" - a phrase that not only describes what we do but also expresses our passion for creating unique digital experiences. This sharpening of our profile is the result of constantly questioning ourselves: Where do we want to go? What are our goals? How can and do we want to delight our customers?

Therefore, Die Schittigs today stand not only for an agency that has transformed over the years but also for a team that masters complex technical challenges and creates outstanding user experiences. Our heart beats for digital products - that's what we do, and it's what we're passionate about.

Ready for the Next Stage

We're not just saying goodbye to our beloved old office building but also to old notions. With our new claim and fresh office spaces, we're ready to tackle today's and tomorrow's digital challenges. Welcome to the new era of Die Schittigs - we are the agency for digital products, ready to grow with you and drive innovation forward.